Life post covid- recovery, business, and new opportunities

“Hey, I got the job! I am so excited to start this job at this great company! I am glad I took my time to upgrade my skills during the time we were at home!” A friend said to me recently.

See, the Covid-19 pandemic came with waves and turmoils, twists and turns. Most businesses were affected negatively, people experienced job losses, some even shut down. Financial institutions held out giving loans to small businesses and individuals due to uncertainty. Reduced sales and revenues led to the shut-down of businesses and some companies shutting down their branches, it was total turmoil! 

Despite the negative impact, some industries such as courier services benefitted largely. They were the sole providers of transport services of packages and parcels, with the travel ban across the country. This really boosted the sales revenues of the courier companies. 

A few months later, life is progressively returning back to normal or as they say, the ‘new normal. Shops have opened up, companies have taken preventive measures to protect their workers from new infections or the spread of the disease. Opportunities are opening up, front, left, and center.

On the Mashujaa Day celebrations (20th October 2021), the President of Kenya announced that loan defaulters during the Covid-19 period were to be temporarily removed from the CRB (credit reference bureau) for a period of one year to allow them to repay the loans. This is a step towards rebuilding the nation. This would mean those who defaulted loans during the Covid-19 period, had a chance to repay without pressure, and importantly if they pay within this period, their financial records would not be tarnished as defaulters. 

Some businesses have strategized and are making major comebacks. Companies are opening up their doors so employment opportunities are being advertised. The people who had a chance to improve their skills now have a wider chance of upgrading their jobs and finding new opportunities. Some people embraced their talents, I remember there was a period where everyone was baking. People have embraced DIY. I know of one amazing lady, Kamaitha, who ended up opening up a beautiful venture of making candles

It surely had been a year that really pushed limits but we made it. My friend is now reporting to a new job, at a company of her liking and she is over the moon about it. Heck, some even say that year was a blessing in disguise. Like diamonds, people have thrived under pressure and there is the hope of recovering, rebuilding, and restoring.

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