AFrica Tech Challenge Season 5 Launch
What would you, as a young person do if you were empowered today? Would you take that opportunity to learn new skills, to sharpen your knowledge on skills already acquired? 
Avic International is here to help you. They have partnered with the Ministry of Education to bring you the Africa Tech Challenge season 5, which enables the youth to get empowered and train on technical skills. Young people get to go to the best colleges to train on technical skills and then compete to get an award manufacturing contract worth  Ksh10,000,000. The mission of Avic international is to go beyond commerce for a better world, of which they will be doing as they train and work with the youth to empower them on their skills.
In addition to the cash prizes, the winner will get the opportunity to study in China  and specialize in their skills as the continue gaining more knowledge. This truly is a life changing opportunity for the young people interested in sharpening their skills in Mechatronics Engineering. 
The Ministry of Education, under TVET(Technical, Vocational and Education Training) works closely with AVIC International and Africa Tech Challenge in offering young people the relevant and quality skills to meet the needs of the labour market. What a great way to help young people to develop and grow. Kudos to the Ministry of Education for  giving the youth such opportunities. 
The Africa Tech Challenge has encompassed five African countries, namely:-Kenya, Cote d’Voire, Gabon, Zambia and Ghana. The participants from each country will be empowered and will be trained for a period of fourty five days at the Technical University of Kenya(T.U.K) and Kenya Technical Trainers College(K.T.T.C). 
The ATC Challenge has had four successful seasons, with the winners being equipped with skills that enable them to grow and be able to drive industrial revolution in the African continent. With this being the fifth season participants will receive certificates to show to show participation. This will allow them to get into internships and job opportunities too. 
As a young person are you interested in Mechatronics and Engineering and CNC Lathe Machining techniques? Then this is for you. All the best to the 27 teams and may the best man or woman win!!

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