Safaricom recognized in Fortune Magazine’s 2018 ‘Change the World List of Companies’

Thinking about Safaricom, you think about “The Better Option”, when you first came into contact with it, that is when you got your first phone. Fast forward to when they re-branded to “When we come together, great things happen and for sure great things have been happening.

Safaricom is for sure transforming lives everywhere they go, in whatever aspect. They have truly been a blessing in disguise to millions of Kenyans far and wide, beyond borders.

This is why they have been recognised by the Fortune Magazine of 2018 as a company that has changed the lives of people.

Safaricom has an estimated value of $11,339million, which is KES1.13trillion and has used the M-Pesa platform to change millions of lives. Without M-Pesa, we wouldn’t have experienced change in banking and doing transactions.

Through the mobile money transfer which was launched in 2007, it now claims more than 30million customers in ten countries, who are mostly in remote areas which are far from banks.

Bob Collymore, who is a member of the B-Team brings together a group of global leaders from business, civil society and government to catalyze a better way of doing business that prioritizes the well being if people and the planet.

Safaricom puts the people first, alwys thing about our welfare and how we can move forward, that is why they got recognized.

M-pesa has created an efficient payment platform that enables person to person and business to business transactions.

Some of the products that use M-Pesa include M-tiba, which is a mobile phone service tat allows people to send, save and spend funds specifically for medical treatment, M-KOPA, M-Shwari, Lipa na M-Pesa, among others.

Safaricom is the second firm in the telecoms industry to feature on the top 50 list. It has eaten global brands such as Apple, Toyota, Microsoft, Barclays, Hilton, Siemens and Deloitte.

Congratulations Safaricom, keep bettering and transforming peoples’ lives.

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