2019 launch of Equity Bank Global Scholars

Equity leadership Program (ELP) has arrived managed to send 519 scholars international universities as at 2019. In 2019 alone, Equity Leadership Program sponsored the education of  56 scholars to join the universities. 

Equity Bank has been a pillar of education to needy and bright students over the years,  through secondary and Tertiary education, respectively. The Secondary students are covered by the program ‘Wings to Fly’ where they are provided with Tution fees, pocket money, shopping and even guidance and counselling from alumni all through their high school years. The university program dubbed Équity Leadership Program’’ caters for university tuition fees, return air tickets to international universities and shopping. 

The total number of students being sponsored in the  2019 Equity Leadership Program are 56. !7 of the scholars are former alumni of ‘Wings to Fly Where as the remaining 39 students are top K.C.S.E students from several sub counties all over Kenya.

The International admissions came in from various countries such as the US (42), Russia (2), South Korea (2), South Africa (2), Rwanda (2), Hungary (1), Canada (1), Slovakia (2) and China (2). Equity Group CEO and Executive Chairman of Equity Group Foundation, Dr. James Mwangi, advised the scholars to focus on academics, leadership training, networking and global transformational exposure and excel in their respective specialties.

“In the course of this journey, you will encounter challenges like language barriers and cultural differences. I encourage you to overcome these difficulties and embrace the new environment with courage and open-mindedness. Your host community, Equity Group, the local community as well as your parents are supporting you and expecting a lot from you. I am confident that you will make all of us proud,” said Dr. Mwangi.

The top Ivy League universities that had Kenyan intakes this year include, Harvard University (3), University of Pennsylvania (20, Cornell University (1), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2), Princeton University (2), Amherst College (1) and John Hopkins University (1).

Since it’s launch in 1998, Equity Bank has benefitted 14,529 students both locally and Internationally through secondary and University. The criteria being selecting the top performing boy and girl in K.C.S.E in each sub county for the ELP and The students who got Á’in their national exams. Cumulatively, Kshs. 12B (120M USD) has been spent on the 519 scholars over the period of time in operation. 

The ELP students were awarded a range of Kshs. 100,000 – 200,000 stipend to cater each for their air ticketing and shopping. As per the standard, Equity Leadership Program is all about servant leadership and giving back to the society. Dr. Mwangi reminded, “The objective is to develop you, as a generation of servant leaders who will think globally; are inspired to fight poverty and the challenges on our continent; embrace sustainable development; improve our living standards and give back to society,” 

Thus said, they benefit to come home for the summer holidays to mentor and inspire incoming ELP scholars to aim at academic excellence. They also take leadership positions in their universities and in their communities where they participate in decision making.

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