Job hunt during Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus has brought alot of changes to what we consider normal life. With school closed, restaurants closed, taking up working from home routine. Many have lost  jobs as a result of this. Hospitality industry being the biggest hit in this period.  Despite the lay-offs and slow down of business, surprisingly there are several industries that have boomed in this time of the pandemic. Among the few industries that are hiring and need more manpower are: 

  • Pharmacies, grocery stores, home delivery meal services
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Shipping and delivery companies
  • Online learning companies
  • Remote communications and meeting services
  • Social media and Marketing
  • Information Technology

Whether you have been laid-off, slow-down of business or you  are looking to have a career change. The time is now to check yourself. Do not relax and assume life is at stand still or will wait till the pandemic is gone. This is the time to work on yourself and make yourself appealing to the hiring market.  Here are a few pointers you can make to boost yourself.

Layout a Career Map

Lay out your career path, from where you started, where you are, and where you hope to be. Better to give time gaps as 6 months, 3 years or 5 years difference. This is a commendable way of setting realistic goals and laying out means of how to achieve your goals.

Learn new skills

Right now, a lot of online learning platforms have a lot of offers , discounted classes and  some come with free offers for a given period of time. This is a good time to touch base with the current market changes in your industry, gain new skills or specialized ones. Check out LinkedIn , Udemy and Coursera , they are my top go to sites for skills.

Update LinkedIn

If you do not have a LinkedIn account yet, it’s time you got one. LinkedIn is a platform that enables you to build a professional account where recruiters can easily see your work, and you can showcase your expertise and skills, above the traditional resume and cover letters.

Update Resume

With the goals in check and skills in your pocket, now dust off your resume and let it shine. Insert the new skills gained, the new experiences, and professional badges you have acquired over time. Remove the unnecessary content as marital status, age, and make your resume stand out.

Set a job hunt

Set out hunts from several recruiter platforms. You can use LinkedIn , Glassdoor, Brighter Monday among others. Set parameters of the job you are looking for, location, do not forget that remote jobs are on the rise right now. Once you get hits, study the company , understand the roles of the position and what they are looking for, get  to write a tailored cover letter for the role and send it. 

Prepare for interview

As you get singled out from applications, remember most interviews are now conducted in an online manner. Get around to know zoom, google meet, jitsi and how to operate them. In interviews, the employers want to know more of you, what you stand for and if you would fit into their culture. Do not forget right now adaptability is key, with lesser physical contacts, most companies are looking for people who are flexible to change. The more you sound adaptable, the more you stand out.

With these pointers, you should be on your way to your career goal. Most important, this is a period where everyone is experiencing different emotions. Do not be too hard on yourself. Be forgiving, eat right, learn to listen to your body, mend relationships with family, wash your hands, wear a mask and be safe.

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