Bliss Healthcare institutions have designed subsidized packages for body checkups, in any of their clinics countrywide, in commemoration of Men’s Health Month. Beginning from Ksh 1500, these checkups have been cushioned to include vital services such as random Blood Sugars and Liver Function Analysis.

The gesture conforms with the hospital’s mission to provide quality and affordable healthcare to all Kenyans. It specifically aims to sensitize the need for men to go for regular medical checkups and visits, even when they are feeling okay.

Even with the Coronavirus causing a positive change to this timeless mentality by making it necessary for a medical examination when one experiences symptoms, most men still postpone seeking care for a few days to see whether they will feel any better.

 It is not uncommon to see a man suffer pressing health indications like severe chest and arm pains, and when you ask them to visit the doctor, they say it’s nothing serious, it will pass. Others yet make it to the doctor’s office but diminish the medical issue by stating it as ‘just a small pain’.

This behavior stems from men developing a negative attitude towards seeking medical services. Some people claim it is due to the hero syndrome among men, and others claiming it is because of the societal conditioning that men should not seem like complainers.

It is however a risky behavior as most diseases are silent killers and people can not detect it until the late stages when the symptoms become severe and treatment is difficult.

This trend which has been evident over the years is one reason June was made Men Health month back in 1992. It is to encourage men to check on their health more often and raise awareness on the importance of visiting healthcare institutions. 

This is a culture that will progressively but surely fade if we continue to encourage men to visit and get their health checked, let us embrace it!

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