“The Greats Fest” Cultural Extravaganza

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL), through its flagship brand Kenya Cane, has launched “The Greats Fest,” a cultural extravaganza that aims to engage consumers in proudly celebrating their culture through music, food, and heritage. Consumers from Nakuru and its environs were treated to an unforgettable party experience, with performances by Kenya Cane brand ambassador Savara, regional artiste’ Sweet Star, and DJ Ricmoh on the decks keeping revelers on their feet all night long.

Singer and song writer, Savara, the Kenya Cane; KC brand ambassador

“The Greats Fest is a platform to celebrate our culture and inspire the next generation to carry on the legacy of excellence demonstrated by extraordinary Kenyans who shine in various fields. It serves as a reminder that the road to excellence is a journey we take together, side by side. Every victory, no matter how small, is celebrated and treasured along the way,” said Kennedy Mutula, Marketing Manager – Branded Spirits East Africa.

The brand recently launched the “Greats Toast Twice” campaign to encourage consumers to continue celebrating the small victories that bring them closer to their goals, hero their accomplishments, and inspire them to keep moving forward.

Fans Enjoying the Greats Fest

The brand is collaborating with Grammy award-winning artist Savara Mudigi as part of the campaign and plans to collaborate with more artists through the cultural extravaganza that will take place in various towns across the country. Kenya Cane has a rich heritage that is intertwined with the history of the Kenyan nation since its inception in 1976.

A beverage proudly made in Kenya by Kenyans that has not only become ingrained in many significant memories but has also become a marker of our experiences. Kenya cane comes in several varieties, including KC Smooth, KC Coconut, KC Pineapple, and KC Citrus Fusion.
Please drink responsibly.

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